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Fueled by his fathers torturous disease, a son stakes his scientific career on a new cure that could change how we treat pain.

‘MY LAST NERVE’ documents the life of a young research scientist, Max Glanz as he undertakes the fight of a lifetime to cure his father, Jonathan Glanz from a rare disease that has torn his family apart. The film reveals Max’s 12 year journey to find answers before the clock runs out for his dad. Standing in his way are the institutions, hospitals and bureaucracies that he must navigate. 

This thought-provoking film showcases the real-world consequences of battling an invisible disease and offers a new perspective on how we value our health in America and the untapped potential of the natural world around us.

The facts
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‘MY LAST NERVE’ has been one of the most personal and profound stories I have ever told.

As a documentary filmmaker, I have been fortunate to be part of some incredible projects, but ‘MY LAST NERVE’ has been one of the most personal and profound stories I have ever told. The journey of bringing this film to life has been a five-year odyssey that has taken me through the deepest parts of human emotion and resilience.


It all began with my cousin Max, and the incredible story of how he took it upon himself to cure his father's (Jonathan Glanz) nerve disease, despite the odds stacked against him. Max's drive, ambition, and sheer determination were unlike anything I had ever witnessed before. He was only 15 years old when he began his mission, and now, over a decade later, he has made more progress than anyone thought possible.


The film 'MY LAST NERVE' shows the true impact that a chronic disease can have on the entire family, and follows Max’s eye-opening scientific journey towards a cure. It is a true David versus Goliath story that will inspire millions of people around the world to push beyond their perceived limits and to fight with an unrelenting sense of urgency.


As filmmakers, it is our responsibility to shed light on the noble work of individuals like Max, who have dedicated their lives to making a positive change. His scientific mission has the potential to help millions of people around the world who suffer with chronic pain, and it is an honor to be able to share his story with the world.


Adam LaBrie, Director

The mission
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"And now, we're really only at the beginning." - Max Glanz

When the film fades to black, the work doesn’t stop. 


We will continue to update and document Max’s journey in our blog - where you can follow the latest on his scientific journey.


We hope Max’s mission will have a positive impact in the scientific community as well as on patients who are suffering from chronic pain all around the world.

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